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Every day you have an opportunity to lead whether by actions, words or by presence.

It doesn’t take a particular occupational title, exclusive privilege and talent to create a positive impact. Here’s the thing, though: We view leadership in terms of guiding others, but we forget that we are the leaders of our own lives.

Real leadership begins with our selves. Self-discipline, self-respect, courage, perseverance, raw self-honesty, the ability to laugh at ourselves, and humility are essential underpinnings that help us become effective self-leaders.

I also firmly believe that a willingness to commit to witnessing our light while working with our shadow bears an equal contribution to successful self-management. Self-management, after all, is a vital component of emotional intelligence.

Ask yourself:

Are my thoughts, actions and presence conducive and beneficial to my lifestyle?

Do I have a robust internal compass that helps me steer my ship in the directions that are right and true for me?

What have I had enough of that I am willing to make changes that would help me live with greater integrity?

Who’s on my team? Which individuals can I rely on who would support the best version of me?

What values and actions do I need to implement to have a positive influence on my own life?

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