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Emotionally Intelligent People Refuse to Panic

An interesting article on Emotional Intelligence from INC.

Emotionally Intelligent People Refuse to Panic. Here’s What They Do Instead.

By refusing to panic, the crew of US Airways flight 1549 worked together to save 155 people. It’s a remarkable lesson in emotional intelligence.


For Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III and the rest of the crew of US Airways flight 1549, January 15, 2009 started off as an ordinary day.

It was supposed to be a routine flight from New York City to Charlotte, similar to thousands of flights Sullenberger had flown previous.

But just minutes into the flight, catastrophe struck. A flock of geese collided with the plane, effectively destroying both engines and immediately endangering the lives of the crew and passengers on board, 155 people.

At this point, most people would panic.

Sully didn’t.

Against all odds, just 208 seconds after the engines were struck, Sullenberger and first officer Jeff Skiles landed the plane safely in the Hudson, next to midtown Manhattan. All 155 souls onboard survived, in the event that is now known as the “Miracle on the Hudson.”

Undoubtedly, Sullenberger, Skiles, and the rest of the crew felt fear in those pivotal moments after the bird strike.

But not one of them panicked.

The Miracle on the Hudson teaches a remarkable lesson in emotional intelligence–one that can help you at both work and at home.

Control your thoughts

The dictionary defines panic as “sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior.”

Fear is completely natural, and can be healthy when kept in balance. Panic, on the other hand, prevents reason and logical thinking. Most often, it paralyzes us, preventing us from taking needed action. Other times, it leads us to make a decision that we later regret.

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