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Buffalo City

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Buffalo Shooting


No words.

Just tears.

An empty, hollow feeling of despair, followed by grief, disbelief, and a pervasive sense of hopelessness, filled me as I watched the news of the horrific racist shooting tragedy in Buffalo.

I’ve been simultaneously turning away and turning toward the details unfolding in the news. I find myself blinking without comprehension in reading news articles, haphazardly reading about the gunman while also mourning for the Buffalo community and Black communities.

My arms feel heavy, and my hands numb as I struggle to write. Thinking about the unimaginable loss, trauma, and sadness leaves me shaky.

I feel gut-wrenched and heartbroken at what has been, is, and could be, but I also appreciate how communities are coming together to provide support.

I see how people have stepped up to support the Buffalo community. I am encouraging everyone reading this to do the same. Take compassionate action, whether through prayer, attending vigils, offering moments of silence, or donations. Hold space for people by listening empathetically, non-judgmentally, and compassionately. Additionally, speak to government officials to proactively combat anti-Black racism, violence, and hatred and support Black communities.

Check out this article on different ways to help:

As for monetary donations, I’ve donated via GoFundMe. Here’s the link should you wish to donate to various GoFundMe fundraisers.


Of course, there are other donation avenues to offer financial support. Please exercise caution when donating to avoid potential scams.

Let me take this opportunity to express my deepest condolences to the families, friends and the Buffalo community who have lost their loved ones. My heart and prayers go out to you. I pray that you are given the strength, comfort, and support to get through this difficult time. I pray for deep healing and peace.

As this is an extremely distressing time, please reach out to your local counselling centres/services and mental health providers, should you require it. I hope that you will be heard and supported respectfully.

I cannot leave this post without saying:

I can only imagine the emotional exhaustion people in Black communities must feel. I cannot imagine the racial trauma, the vicarious trauma, the anxiety and nerve-wracking knowledge and fear that you and your family and friends are, or could be the target of senseless violence and hatred at any given time. I cannot imagine the hopelessness of seeing how profoundly entrenched and pervasive anti-Black racism is and the frustration at how systemic change can be slow and complicated. I cannot imagine that sinking feeling that no matter what you do, whether educating, protesting, or standing up for rights in different ways, even though there’s been some progress, it sometimes feels like it’s all going to shit. I cannot imagine facing that brutal reality and weariness of fighting to be loved and treated with respect and dignity. I cannot imagine having to fight so hard for the fundamental right to MATTER!!!

But I can continue to learn, take action, and LISTEN.

To my Black friends, colleagues, and clients: you know I love you, and I am here to support you FREELY. To my clients, past and present, please connect with me anytime should you require free, confidential emotional support during this difficult time. (lpereiracoaching@gmail.com)

I stand in solidarity with the Buffalo community.
I stand in solidarity with Black communities.

As always, I’m sending everyone so much love.
Take good care of yourselves and each other.